Why choose a chastity device ?

Opting for a chastity device is a personal decision that can raise many questions and curiosities. Whether you are already familiar with this practice or are simply looking to learn more, this article will guide you through the motivations, benefits, and considerations surrounding the use of these devices. You will also discover the criteria to consider when choosing your chastity cage.

The chastity cage, a solution for abstaining

The chastity cage is a better alternative for those who want to abstain. As you know, it is not easy to deprive yourself of the pleasures of the flesh. If you really want to hold on, you have to have a mind of steel. By visiting the site, you will learn more about the chastity devise.

However, today, thanks to advances in chastity devices, maintaining abstinence is becoming more accessible. Simply insert your penis into the cage and lock it for the duration of your abstinence period. You can even take a shower with your penis enclosed in the cage, because it is light and does not pose any hindrance to your movements.

To be more comfortable, it is advisable to choose a cage that offers more comfort. On CageChastete.fr for example, you will find all forms. You could therefore opt for the chastity cage that meets your expectations.

Controlling impulses with the chastity cage

The chastity cage has become a valuable ally for men wishing to control their sexual urges. It is well known that sexual desire is one of the most powerful. If you give in exclusively to your impulses, you risk wasting a considerable amount of energy that could be used for more creative purposes, directing it towards specific goals.

Controlling your sexual desires is essential to avoid complications that may arise. This also goes for those who are dealing with an excessive masturbation habit. The more frequent this practice becomes, the more it becomes a habit, and it can lead to various physical, mental and emotional problems. To resolve these problems and enjoy a fulfilling sex life, the chastity cage is an effective solution. It allows you to control your sexual urges and reduce the practice of masturbation.

The chastity cage and fidelity in a couple

Fidelity within a couple is a fundamental concern for many partners. For men, remaining faithful to their partner can be a challenge, given the temptations that can arise. Fortunately, the chastity cage offers a solution to build trust and fidelity in your relationship.

Using the chastity cage is simple : it consists of imprisoning your penis in this device. When your partner is not present, your genital organ only serves to eliminate urine. The chastity cage thus becomes an effective tool to demonstrate your commitment to fidelity and trust within your relationship.

The criteria to take into account when choosing your chastity cage

Choosing the right chastity cage is not an easy task. You need to consider many factors like size, material, and comfort.

Size and length

The size and length of your chastity cage are crucial elements to consider when making your choice. Indeed, a cage that is too small or too large could be uncomfortable or even painful. For the best experience, it is recommended to choose a cage that matches the size of your penis at rest.

How to measure the size of your penis for a chastity cage ? Simply measure the length of your penis at rest, from base to tip. This measurement will give you a clear idea of the size of the cage to choose. Depending on the shape of your penis, you may need a longer or shorter cage. Feel free to try different lengths to find the one that suits you best.

The material

Choosing the material for your chastity cage is another important step. Metal, plastic and resin are the three most common materials used to make chastity cages. Metal cages are sturdy, durable, and have a feeling of weight that can be very arousing for some people.

However, they are often more expensive and can be uncomfortable for long-term use. Plastic cages are lightweight, comfortable and often more affordable. They are perfect for those who are new to using chastity cages. Finally, resin cages combine the comfort of plastic and the durability of metal. They are also hypoallergenic, which is a plus for people with sensitive skin


It is true that you can wear a chastity cage all day long, and no one will notice. But, discretion is not just that. This will also refer to the transport safety of these sex toys. Even the silicone ones may have metal in them, so you may not be able to pass metal detectors.

But, there are chastity cages that have tried to solve this problem. In any case, if you plan to travel, and you always have your chastity cage in your suitcases, then you should not ignore this feature. The solution available to you is to look for metal-free padlocks. Some cages are equipped with them right out of the packaging.

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